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West Virginia Native Animal Words

Here are the American Indian names of six native animals of West Virginia. We have given their names in three different Indian languages: Cherokee, Seneca, and Shawnee. As you can see, the languages of these three tribes were very different. They needed interpreters to talk to each other.

West Virginia Native Animal Names

Cherokee: yonv (pronounced yoh-nuh)
Seneca: nyakwai' (pronounced nyock-why)
Shawnee: mkwa (pronounced muh-kwah)

Cherokee: wahya (pronounced wa-hyah)
Seneca: tha:yö:nih (pronounced tah-yoon-nee)
Shawnee: mhweewa (pronounced muh-way-wa)

Cherokee: ahawi (pronounced ah-wee)
Seneca: neokë' (pronounced nay-oh-ken)
Shawnee: petakine'θi (pronounced pay-tah-kee-nay-thee)

Cherokee: tsisdu (pronounced jeese-doo)
Seneca: kwa'yö:' (pronounced kwah-yone)
Shawnee: pšekθi (pronounced puh-sheck-thee)

Cherokee: saloli (pronounced sah-lo-lee)
Seneca: këjöh (pronounced ken-joan)
Shawnee: nameeθa (pronounced nah-may-tha)

Cherokee: wadulisi (pronounced wah-doo-lee-see)
Seneca: o'nöhkö:t (pronounced oh-noan-koat)
Shawnee: hamo (pronounced hah-mo)

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