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Vermont Native Animal Words

Here are the American Indian names of six native animals of Vermont. We have given their names in the Abenaki language which was once spoken in Vermont. Today, Abenaki people all speak English. However, some Abenaki kids are learning their family's traditional language in addition to English.

Can you find one of these animal names that sounds similar in Abenaki and English? English colonists borrowed the word for this new animal from speakers of Algonquian languages like Abenaki!

Vermont Native Animal Names

Abenaki: moz (pronounced mooz)

Abenaki: azeban (pronounced ah-zuh-ban)

Abenaki: w├┤kwses (pronounced wawk-suss)

Abenaki: mategwas (pronounced mah-tuh-gwas)

Abenaki: mikoa (pronounced mee-ko-ah)

Abenaki: skog (pronounced skoag)

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