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Texas Native Animal Words

Here are the American Indian names of six native animals of Texas. We have given their names in three different Indian languages: Caddo,, Comanche, and Jicarilla Apache. As you can see, the languages of these three tribes were totally different. They needed interpreters to talk to each other.

Texas Native Animal Names

Caddo: da' (pronounced dah)
Comanche: aruka (pronounced ah-ruh-kah)
Apache: bįį (pronounced been)

Caddo: tahshah (pronounced tah-shah)
Comanche: tseena (pronounced tsay-nah)
Apache: shǫǫdii (pronounced shone-dee)

Caddo: du'u' (pronounced duh-oo)
Comanche: tamu (pronounced tah-moo)
Apache: gah (pronounced gah)

Caddo: shiwah (pronounced shee-wa)
Comanche: wokohwi (pronounced woh-koh-wee)
Apache: naojiłgai (pronounced nah-oh-jeelth-guy)

Caddo: banit (pronounced bah-nit)
Comanche: huutsuu (pronounced hoot-soo)
Apache: tsidéé (pronounced tsee-day)

Caddo: kikah (pronounced kee-kah)
Comanche: kwasinabóo (pronounced kwah-see-nah-bo)
Apache: gwii' (pronounced gwee)

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