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Oklahoma Native Animal Words

Here are the American Indian names of six native animals of Oklahoma. We have given their names in five different Indian languages: Caddo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, and Osage.

Two of these Native Oklahoma languages are related to each other. Can you guess which two languages are relatives by looking at the animal names on this page? (Hint: Not every word will sound similar even in closely related languages, so you may need to look at several different animals to figure it out!) You can find the answer on this page: The Muskogean languages.

Oklahoma Native Animal Names

Caddo: n'√°wtsi' (pronounced nn-out-see)
Cherokee: yonv (pronounced yoh-nuh)
Choctaw: nita (pronounced nee-tah)
Creek: nokose (pronounced no-ko-sih)
Osage: wasape (pronounced wah-sah-pay)

Caddo: tanaha' (pronounced tah-nah-hah)
Cherokee: yansa (pronounced yahn-sah)
Choctaw: yvnnvsh (pronounced yunn-nush)
Creek: yvnvsv (pronounced yuh-nuh-suh)
Osage: ttattonka (pronounced tah-ton-kah)

Caddo: da' (pronounced dah)
Cherokee: ahawi (pronounced ah-wee)
Choctaw: issi (pronounced ih-sih)
Creek: eco (pronounced ih-choh)
Osage: tta (pronounced tah)

Caddo: wihit (pronounced wih-hit)
Cherokee: dila (pronounced dee-lah)
Choctaw: koni (pronounced ko-nih)
Creek: kono (pronounced ko-no)
Osage: monga (pronounced mon-gah)

Caddo: du'u' (pronounced duh-oo)
Cherokee: tsisdu (pronounced jeese-doo)
Choctaw: chukfi (pronounced chook-fih)
Creek: cufe (pronounced chuff-eh)
Osage: manshchinke (pronounced monsh-cheen-kay)

Caddo: banit (pronounced bah-nit)
Cherokee: tsisgwa (pronounced jeese-gwah)
Choctaw: hushi (pronounced hoosh-ih)
Creek: fuswv (pronounced fuss-wuh)
Osage: wazhinka (pronounced wah-zheen-kah)

Caddo: kikah (pronounced kee-kah)
Cherokee: inada (pronounced ee-nah-dah)
Choctaw: siti (pronounced sin-tih)
Creek: cetto (pronounced chit-toh)
Osage: wets'a (pronounced waits-ah)

Caddo: kikah (pronounced kee-kah)
Cherokee: daksi (pronounced dock-see)
Choctaw: luksi (pronounced look-sih)
Creek: lucv (pronounced loot-shuh)
Osage: kke (pronounced kay)

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