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Idaho Native Animal Words

Here are the American Indian names of six native animals of Idaho. We have given their names in three different Indian languages: Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Shoshoni. As you can see, the languages of these three tribes were totally different. They needed interpreters to talk to each other.

Idaho Native Animal Names

Kootenai: cupqa (pronounced tsoop-kah)
Nez Perce: 'ímes (pronounced ih-mass)
Shoshone: deheya' (pronounced duh-huh-yah)

Kootenai: ka·kin (pronounced kah-kin)
Nez Perce: hími·n (pronounced hih-meen)
Shoshone: bia'isa (pronounced bee-ah-ee-sah)

Kootenai: tiLna'ku (pronounced tilth-nah-koo)
Nez Perce: hé·y'uxc (pronounced high-ookhts)
Shoshone: daa'bu (pronounced dah-boo)

Kootenai: xaxas (pronounced khah-khahss)
Nez Perce: tísqe' (pronounced tiss-keah)
Shoshone: buhni'atsi (pronounced boo-nee-ah-tsee)

Kootenai: kyaq'nuka't (pronounced kyock-noo-kah-t)
Nez Perce: saq'antá·y (pronounced sock-ahn-tykh)
Shoshone: biagwi'yaa' (pronounced bee-ah-gwee-yah)

Kootenai: 'a·knuLam' (pronounced awk-noolth-ahm)
Nez Perce: páyos (pronounced pah-yos)
Shoshone: basinu'yu (pronounced bah-see-noo-yoo)

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