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Native Greetings of Alaska

Here are some native greetings in the tribal languages of Alaska:

Ahtna: Nts'e dit'ae? (pronounced "nn-tseh dit-aah")
Aleut: Aang! (pronounced "ahng")
Inupiaq: Pablan! (pronounced "pah-blahn")
Gwich'in: Drin gwiinzii! (pronounced "drin gween-zee")
Haida: Sán uu dáng gíidang? (pronounced "sahn oo dahng gee-dahng")
Koyukon: Dzaanh nezoonh! (pronounced "jonn neh-zoon")
Tanana: Do'eent'aa? (pronounced "doh-aint-ah")
Tanacross: Nts'é t'ínt'eh? (pronounced "nn-tsay teen-tay")
Tlingit: Wáa sá i yatee? (pronounced "wah sah ee yah-tee")
Yup'ik: Waqaa! (pronounced "wah-kaw")

Did you notice that some of these greetings are questions? In some Native American languages, it is traditional to greet another person by asking how they are feeling. "Hello!" and "how are you?" have the same translation in those languages.

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